Passing Shots - Pam Shriver's Book written by Frank Deford and Susan B. Adams.

Pam’s Book

One of the best, and best-liked players in women's tennis, 23-year-old Pam Shriver found herself facing a mid-career crisis in December 1984. After playing a difficult tournament in Australia, she was physically and emotionally exhausted. For the first time in seven years on the pro tour, she decided to take a ten-week break and began to record her thoughts and feelings in this refreshingly candid journal covering a year of her life on and off the courts.

With the flair of a born writer, Pam describes the peaks and valleys of a season on tour, from Melbourne to New York, from Paris to Wimbledon. The thrill of making doubles history at the French Open, the bittersweet joys of a long distance romance, a riveting replay of the US Open, Pam captures it all, peppering her account with outspoken opinions on everything from her fellow players to dating ("Being a six-feet-tall tennis player is not great for a girl's social life. If you do meet a young man, he's liable to wonder if you're a lesbian") and drugs ("We don't seem to have that problem. Women tennis players are too tight with their money to get high at their own expense").

This is the real world of pro tennis, as Pam Shriver knows it and lives it; the glamour and glory, the frustration and loneliness, and, always the unrelenting pressure to win.

About the Other Authors

Frank Deford is an accomplished author, writer and TV personality. His credits include Senior Contributing Writer for Sports Illustrated and Senior Correspondent for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Susan B. Adams is a professional researcher and writer.

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