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Open Letter to Novak

January 21, 2022

Dear Novak,

The past couple of weeks must have been difficult, frustrating, and perhaps embarrassing, as your unvaccinated status coupled with a medical exemption you thought would meet all levels of government approvals to compete in Melbourne ended up not being what you thought. Nobody won, and frankly, it was an eleven-day debacle that hurt tennis.

It’s understandable, given your meticulous attention to detail in how you take care of your body and mind, to be among the greatest champions our sports has ever seen, that the covid vaccine would cause you to hesitate and question putting it into your body. Now that the vaccine has stood a 14-month test of time, and vaccine mandates are becoming more firmly in place around the world, I hope you can study the science and data of how this mRNA covid vaccine regimen can protect you, your family, and your communities, therefore begin to travel the world pursuing tennis history more easily.

You are one of the great tactical players our sport has ever produced. Your use of data and tennis science to help you win even more has been inspiring. I researched the vaccine and decided early the percentages of benefits and protections far outweighed any risks. I hope you can apply the same process and principles to find your way to accepting becoming fully vaccinated during this pandemic.

No one wants to see Covid-19 disrupt tennis history anymore. You can turn from vaccine hesitate to vaccine accepting and lead millions of others to do the same in Serbia and worldwide. You have never shied away from being a leader. The world needs leaders to help show how to study trusted science and medicine evidence and change their minds.

Thanks for having an open mind during this challenging time for our world. We did not prepare a blueprint for living through a global pandemic that has caused so much pain worldwide. I hope to see you near my home area of Indian Wells in March, protected as much as possible to help fight the pandemic.

With respect and best wishes,

Pam Shriver