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Shriver’s Post-Wimbledon 2017 Wrap-Up

July 17, 2017

First shared via Pam’s Athlete Facebook page:

I have spent roughly 75 weeks at Wimbledon, almost year and a half of my life. Most of my birthdays since I turned 16, have spent near the AELTC. I can only remembering missing all of one Wimbledon and that was 2004, the year our oldest child was born July 12th.

1978 my 1st year saw Chris vs Martina in their first major final. It was Martina’s 1st of 9 singles titles. Martina’s 9 titles in singles dove tailed with Stephanie Graf’s 7. I loved playing on grass and managed to win 10 of my 21 singles tour titles on the “living breathing” surface. Rats none of the 10 was Wimbledon. I was lucking to partner Martina to 5 doubles titles. It’s a special iconic venue.

This year the fortnight has had plenty of happy and sad stories. Kvitova coming back from home invasion stabbing, Azarenka back from maternity leave, a US men’s semifinalist for the 1st time in a major since 2009, Venus second major final of 2017, one of the greatest doubles finals of all time, Roger’s quest for 8th at Wimbledon and 19th over all! This happiness mixed in with the sadness over Venus’ car accident in early June, Bethany’s horrible knee injury, too many mid match retirements as the UK continued to heal over too many tragedies and lives lost.

Wimbledon and the AELTC did a great job of securing the site every day. We all could focus on matches being played, while thousands of people make sure a safe Championships unfolded seamlessly.

I usually leave on men’s final day as my work is done and I miss being with all my kids. The 50 weeks until next year’s event will fly by. I turned 55 at this year’s tournament and all I know it feels like yesterday that I had 3 match on court 4 vs Mimi Widstedt (sp??) of Sweden, June of 1978.

“Time flies when you are having fun”- Roger that!!